Monday, 26 March 2012

Week 7 - Skirt 3

Material : Grey Jersey
Cost Per Meter : £4.50
Amount Used : 2m
Sourced From : Toni Textiles - Shepherds Bush

When i first got this material i immediately thought of old school jumpers and school uniforms which is not the look that i'd normally design with in mind. But i thought with this material it will drape well so i cut a full circle skirt and i took my waist measurement and divided it by 4 to get the shape. I totally forgot about the rules of circles and the use of Pi, so my waist ended up being 3 times the size of the actual measurement. 

 Improvising with the mess that i made, i was initially going to add pleats to the hem line to bring the fullness in but i thought that as it was grey and masculine, i would go with the theme of a kilt. So i added in pleats to the back section to bring it back to the right size. Because of the fabric i was unsure as to how to hem, so i just left it raw and because it doesn't fray it looked nice and neat.

I added a simple black waistband with contrasting baby blue sating bias binding belt looks just for an additional design detail that just gives a more masculine effect.

These images show the skirt in action as because there is so much excess fabric and circle cut there is so much fluididty and movement which would be great for a dance outfit or the bright lights of Strictly Come Dancing. 

In terms of working with this fabric, i found it really easy but the only thing i struggled with was that the more you worked with it the more it stretched which could result in extra fullness that you dont want.

I think this is such a basic cut garment but i could see this in the likes of Topshop for the summer as it is a staple item in any wardrobe either for work or day wear and if made in a glamorous fabric a great skirt to party and dance in.

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