Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Week 6 - Trousers 2

Material : 100% Polyester Lace
Cost Per Meter : £5pm
Amount Used : 1m
Sourced From : Brick Lane Textiles

The thought of creating lace trousers really got me thinking as they would be see-through, But there is a trend for see through trousers as the likes of D&G have created lazer cut leather mesh shorts for men for S/S 12. As lace is a very light, delicate and "girly" fabric i wanted to use it for menswear and because i only had 1m of lace i had to compromise with the hem line. The final outcome i think works really well and i could see them selling in the likes of "Prowler" or "DV8 Soho" (gay lifestyle stores).

Instead of creating a pattern from scratch, i cut up an old pair of boxers from my wardrobe and took the pattern from them as i love the fit. Below shows the steps i took to create the pattern.

I found working with this material was, OK, but to make it presentable and finished the seams had to fastened neatly. So i opted to finish the boxers off using french seams which when trying them on created a smooth feel on the inside compared to the rough raw edge that i could have left it with.

To regain some dignity i double layered the front pouch section with a layer of black PVC underneath and i love the colour combination of the black and ink blue, dark but beautiful.

Instead of cutting a straight line through the pattern of the lace at the hem i really liked the selvage side of the lace where there was a scalloped detail which i think gave it a unique design feature. 

Original Old Boxers
Cut Waistband Off

Cut Along Seam Lines
Trace Round And Neaten Lines To
Create Final Pattern

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