Sunday, 29 January 2012

Garment Details - Pockets

Jacket pocket inset into the pattern

Shirt pocket attached on the top side of
the pattern

The above and below image show pockets on the back of trousers. 
The top flap is sewn into a seam at top where pocket opens.

Garment Details - Fly Fastening

"Next" - Outside - Mass Produced
"Year Zero" - outside - Handmade

"Next" - Inside - Mass Produced
"Year Zero" - Inside - Handmade

 Fly fastenings always look like they are a pain to construct but when looking close they are very simple and easy to interpret and individualize to your own design. You can see the difference in the 2 above as the trousers from "Next" have a much more clean and polished finish.

Garment Details - KTZ Linen Jacket

Linen jacket with block print paneling.

Details include single button fastening, 2 piece collar, back flap and all seams inside finished off with bias binding in same fabric as sleeve lining.

Above images show the 3 button fastening cuff on the sleeve when open and closed.

Pocket on front of jacket on both sides inset into the panel with fabric lip at the top of the pocket.