Friday, 2 March 2012

Week 4 - Skirt 2

Material: Interfacing (Gingham used for effect)
Cost Per Meter: £4.50
Amount Used: 2m
Sourced From: A1 Fabrics (Shepherds Bush)

This week we were ment to have a tweed/heavy thick woven fabric but instead we had this loosely woven interfacing which to be honest when i first got it i had no idea that it was what it was. After finding out i decided to use it as it was ment to but instead of it being hidden on the inside, i found that if you put the interfacing on top, it dulls the fabric down behind and this is evident with the use of gingham on my skirt.

Previously i have used the lace up corset fastening and i wanted to expand on that idea but transform it to be the way that the panels of the skirt were connected. Where the bold gingham is showing in the verticle seam lines, i left enough extra fabric to slash and tie bows all the way down which gives this very cute modern cowgirl vibe.

To ad an element of fun and interest to this skirt i drew a funky silhouette which comprised of 2 waves on each side seam. Because i had created the pattern in a 2D way and sew it flat the waved sides tended to sit towards the back, which although not planned i think is a nice detail.

Example of the bow tied seams and the muted colours
of the gingham due to the top interfacing coating

In terms of this skirt being "fashion" i think that the idea of the tied seams if secured properly with stitches would be a lovely finish on a garment like this skirt, or maybe used on the side of a sleeve seam???  

Shows the side wave inspired silhouette

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