Sunday, 22 April 2012

Week 9 - Trousers

Material : Pinstripe
Cost per Meter : £5pm
Amount Used : 1.5m
Sourced From : Shepherds Bush

This week we had a pinstripe material but not a typical wool mix blend but rather a jersey substitute with a stretch capability going along the Weft thread which gave it a capability to create more form fitting garments.

I decided to create a more unusual shape and take risks with the "NORMAL" way of doing things, SO:

.I changed the inward curved seam along the center back line to create a vexed curve the opposite way. It looked like a quarter of a circle

.I changed the construction of the button fly so that the top was cut shorted therefore revealing the underside which allowed for a contrasting colour/fabric (in this case a gold +blue taffeta mix which really defines the shape 

.I constructed the pattern for menswear with a really wide leg (like the oxford bags) but i didnt like them that way so i thought with the pinstripe if i twisted it round at the bottom to create a tighter fit the stripes would become distorted and curve round the body. 

.With a gold band then a black satin bias to finish the hem and i love this detail as it gives an element of sportswear to a very uncomfortable and constricting cut of trousers, very much a contradiction!!

.For the waistband i cut it the opposite way to he rest of the trousers so it didnt stretch out of place.

.I found working with fabric really easy as it didnt fray or stretch out of place but the one thing that is awful is that it collect so much dirt/fluff/thread as it is very static so has to be brushed/cleaned often.

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