Saturday, 18 February 2012

Week 1 - Skirt 1

 Fabric: Cotton Drill (100% Cotton)
Cost Per Meter: £3.50
Amount Used: 1m
Sourced From: Shepherds Bush

When i first got the material i had no clue what side was the right/wrong side, but by working with it i soon realized which was the right side because it collected all the dirt/cotton thread on one side so i just assumed that i was doing it right.

It was such a pleasure to work with as it didn't slip around/was easy to cut the pattern out and didn't fray when cut which resolved in less seam allowance needed.

Intentionally i had i mind for the hip cut out to stand out with some structure underneath like a sew in interfacing. But i decided not to and once sewn i didn't like the way in hung. i had already built into the pattern a section to be gathered up on the side. But i totally ballsed it up because when it gathered up it left a little flick at the bottom. I then realized that because the skirt was only 1 panel the straight grain on the side seam ended up being on the bias so therefore curling when gathered.

Although not intentional i really like the shape of the skirt, with a simple elasticated waistband and 2 welt pockets (1 fully made with pocket bag and zip opening, the other just a fake with no bag and sewn closed which i have never made before so totally chuffed with the outcome) and bias binding finishing really give this skirt a sporty minamalistic aesthetic which i think makes it a fashionable piece. Something i could see made by the likes of "Acne".

Next time i would ensure that both pockets are fully made and are even, and also sort out the hem line, although nice with a raw edge, its not very professional. Maybe stitching details/hem/bias binding?

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